Traveller Information Systems. By Kevin S. Hutchby
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Boston, Massachussetts

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Images of Boston

Boston lies on the eastern seaboard of the United States and is the largest city in New England with Greater Boston having a population of approximately 2.6 million.

Image of downtown Boston Like most major U.S. cities Boston suffers from a dependency on car usage, even though it is served with good public transport in the form of commuter rail, inter city rail, underground trains and a large fleet of commuter buses. My visits here included Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), who are the largest public transport provider in Greater Boston, and SmartRoute Systems who provide a wide range of high-tech traveller information services.

As well as these visits it was useful to use the public transport systems to travel around Greater Boston and look at the traffic problems first hand. At the time, Central Boston itself was in the middle of a major scheme to tunnel part of its current freeway system, so there was little effort involved to witness, first hand, traffic congestion problems affecting the city.

Visit in Boston included:

Visit 1   Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Visit 2   SmartRoute Systems

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