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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Images of Gothenburg

With a population of around 450,000 inhabitants, and its geographical proximity to Norway and Denmark, Göteborg (Gothenburg) is the Nordic area's leading port. Visiting from the U.K. can involve either a short flight or a 26 hour sea crossing from Newcastle upon Tyne. The City itself was founded in the 1600s by King Gustav II whose statue still adorns the Square near Brunnsparken. The City's many canals add much to the charm of the place and exist as a result of early Dutch settlers. Canal cruises are one of many attractions that make Gothenburg one of Scandinavia's most visited Cities, alongside Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Central Gothenburg has tight restrictions on vehicles entering the very centre of the City, enforced in part with large areas of pedestrianisation. It is however excellently served by the Västtrafik public transport company. The most notable service provided by Västtrafik is the electric tram system that permeates the entire city.

Under the expert guidance of Anders Kåbjörn and the staff at Gotic, Gothenburg has developed a comprehensive real time passenger information system to rival most other cities.

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