Traveller Information Systems. By Kevin S. Hutchby
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Nottingham Travelwise Centre

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Traveller information systems are still in their infancy across the U.K., especially those taking advantage of the new technologies of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. In 1996 Nottinghamshire County Council extended its range of transportation services to collate and disseminate different forms of travel related information and to endeavour to make more information accessible to a wider audience including Internet users.

The ultimate success of this pilot scheme resulted in The Nottingham Travelwise Centre was being established in October 1999 as the U.K.'s first Mobility Centre. The purpose of the Travelwise Centre is to provide extensive traffic and travel information for both residents of the County and visitors to the area who wish to explore and use alternatives to travelling by car. The information includes: roadworks, bus and train timetables, cycle maps, congestion data, promotions & initiatives and is made available via the Internet, local radio broadcasts, a telephone hotline and various publications & leaflets.

The Centre follows on from the initial success of a travel information Internet-site for Nottinghamshire established in 1996. It is programmed for development in a series of phases.

Phase One - Underway

  • Establishment of a Internet site containing real time traffic and public transport information
  • Extended broadcasting over local radio of traffic, travel and parking information
  • Internet site to be made available to local companies to disseminate the above information through the companies' intranet
  • Telephone hotline set up
  • Improved services regarding network incidents
  • Resource centre providing leaflets and cycle maps, information regarding cycle hire etc

Phase 2 (2000 / 2001)

  • Introduction of personalised travel plans
  • Investigate provision of real time information through public access kiosk
  • Investigate Car Share possibilities / small pilot project
  • Marketing activities for public transport operators, cycle hire etc

Phase 3 (2001 / 2002 + )

  • Develop car sharing / introduce of a car share database
  • Purchase of public transport tickets

The Internet site is constantly growing and contains a variety of real time and static information - including live CCTV (closed circuit television) images of traffic conditions around the city. With information gleaned from the fellowship it is hoped to add ideas to the development of Nottingham Travelwise Centre and recognise the best technologies to implement to enhance the service.

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Is a partnership of ...

Nottingham City Council The Highways Agency
Nottinghamshire County Council BBC Radio Nottingham

Contacting Nottingham Travelwise Centre:

   Basement Area
   Trinity Square Car Park
   NG1 4AF

   Telephone: 0845 6088 608
   Fax: 0115 950 4679
   Web site:

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